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    Welcome to ALFA CANTOR, your trusted 

    EPA-Approved Refrigerant Reclaimer.    

    We specialize in industry-leading refrigerant reclamation activities, working diligently to recover and reclaim various refrigerants in an environmentally responsible manner.  

    With our expertise and commitment to sustainability, we help HVAC contractors and businesses nationwide manage their refrigerant inventories efficiently while reducing environmental impact.  

    Partner with us for reliable and compliant refrigerant reclamation services that prioritize sustainability.

Refrigerant Specialists


ALFA CANTOR - the unrivaled solution for all your refrigerant and service needs! 

With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we have become a key contributor to the Clean Air Act and pioneers in the "circular economy" of refrigerants. 

No matter the size, type, quantity, or location, we stand ready to surpass your expectations. From advanced recovery methods to sustainable practices, our industry-leading expertise ensures that every step we take contributes to a greener future. 

Join us in revolutionizing the way we approach refrigerants and experience the ultimate service and quality that sets us apart.

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Reasons to choose ALFA CANTOR

At ALFA CANTOR, we are your trusted REFRIGERANT EXPERTS, dedicated to providing seamless SOLUTIONS for your needs. Our knowledgeable team excels in refrigerant recovery, buyback, and sales, with expertise in handling all types of refrigerants, including mixed gases.

Regardless of the quantity, type, or physical location, we are fully equipped to handle your refrigerant needs. From basement chillers to rooftop units, our recovery service teams are equipped to handle any system. We offer buyback options for any quantity and type of refrigerant, ensuring a seamless process for our valued customers. And, with our extensive inventory, we can sell you the exact refrigerant you need.

No matter where you are located, we are your 'local-to-you' solution. With a nationwide presence, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and convenience. Our freshly-painted, in-date recovery cylinders are always ready, for hassle-free exchanges of any size.

Choose ALFA CANTOR for your refrigerant needs and benefit from our unmatched professionalism, informative expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.


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Get paid quickly for your recovered refrigerant.


We sell a vast range of ARI-700 Refrigerants


We can handle any (low to high pressure ) refrigerant  in any size systems, nationwide


We maintain your cylinder fleet with like-for-like, freshly-painted, in-date recovery cylinders

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