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    At ALFA CANTOR, we revolutionize the way HVAC contractors handle their unused and recovered refrigerants

    Our Refrigerant Buyback Program offers you the opportunity to extract maximum value from your recovered refrigerants, putting money back into your pocket. 
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    With our competitive pricing and straightforward process, we make it easy for you to sell your used or recovered refrigerants. 


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By partnering with ALFA CANTOR ...

... you not only benefit financially but also contribute to a sustainable future.  

We prioritize environmentally responsible practices and adherence to industry regulations, ensuring the proper handling and disposal of refrigerants.  Join countless HVAC contractors who have already taken advantage of our Refrigerant Buyback Program and experience the difference in value, convenience, and environmental stewardship.

What sets our Refrigerant Buyback Program apart is our commitment to exceptional customer service and support.  We handle all aspects of the buyback process, from hassle-free shipping arrangements to prompt payment.  Our goal is to provide a seamless experience, making it convenient and profitable for you to participate in our program.

Don't let unused refrigerants gather dust. 

Contact us today to learn more about our Refrigerant Buyback Program and start maximizing the value of your inventory.
Mixed Refrigerant Buyback

​Wide Range

R-11, R-22, R-123,

R-134a, R-410A,

R-407C, the list continues

GC Tested

Industry-leading Refrigerant Analyses

Lab Gas Chromatograph

Fresh, in-date Recovery Cylinders

All shapes and sizes, and pressures - delivered to you

Forklift & Fresh Recovery Cylinders

Earn Top Dollar for Your Used Refrigerants and
Stay Ahead of the Competition!

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