ALFA CANTOR - Submission / Request Forms

Here are all the current ON-LINE Submission Forms you'll need.

Need Information

Please contact me.

 I need help and/or information on Sales / Buyback / Recovery / Other refrigerant-related needs.


Refrigerant Pickup Request

This is a CRITICAL step in determining what / when / how much / how many different types of refrigerants and cylinder/drum sizes we need to pickup !


Buyback "Sign-Up" Form

Complete this form to get your company's

SHIPPING, BILLING, CONTACT and PAYMENT details accurately captured in OUR systems.


Recovery Site Questionnaire

You wish for us to quote you on an upcoming Recovery Job ?  

Use this simple, self-survey questionnaire to explain the essence of the job, and we can expedite your quote !

Site Survey

Carbon Credit Eligibility Form

Fill out this form for CFC Carbon Credit Eligibility.  

This captures required information, to ensure that we can pay you the best price for your non-US Government CFC refrigerants.  

R-12, R-11, R-500, R-113, R-114, and R-115

CC Info

Request for Portal Access 
(Under Development)

Complete this form to gain Portal Access for YOUR Refrigerant Receiving Reports, Documents  and more